Type                      RPM                       Voltage                                        
EASY FINISH        1000-4300         170W-110/220 Volts  
  • The Finit-Easy solves the issue by giving you the freedom of movement that you need to achieve a professional finish in hard-toreach places or corners. 
  • Finishing inside corners and removing welds is child's play thanks to the innovative extension arm of this inner corner grinder. 
  • The application area is very wide, and is suitable for light finishing work to heavier machining. 
  • Ideal in combination with the  unitized fibers, 3D abrasive material that always ensures a uniform finish, which means it can be completely used up.

  • The adjustable protective cover and compact end ensure optimum accessibility. At 25 mm, this is the narrowest arm on the market; even sharp 30° inside corners can be finished.
  • Smart stainless steel flanges ensure effortless installation of all types of discs with different shaft diameters and thicknesses
  • The machine is completely stainless steel safe, which means there will be no contamination if a part makes contact with the stainless steel work piece.
  • Maximum productivity thanks to the powerful 1700-Watt motor and robust planetary gear. Power is transmitted by an almost indestructible multi V-belt.
  • The direct connection of the arm to the drive motor is unique. This results in smooth, comfortable operation.