Type                         RPM                  Voltage        
USG 9-R             3800-8300            230V/50Hz
USG 9-R             3800-8300            120V/60Hz
USG 33- R        15000-33000          230V/50Hz         
USG 33-R         15000-33000          120V/60Hz
  • USG 9-R: For working with non-woven fibre discs, abrasive flap wheels and with pneumatic drum.
  • USG 33-R: For working with carbide burrs and mounted points.
  • High performance straight grinder, high or low speed, for all applications.
  • Ergonomic shape ensures fatigue-free working.
  • Equipped with overload cut.
  • Ideal wherever space is tight or access is difficult.
  • Machines with difference: just the right size, just the right speed.
  • Tacho variable speed selector, for constant speed
USG 9-R  : 2,300 gr
USG 33-R: 2,100 gr