Type                        RPM                Voltage              Spindle                 MaxWheel
UWK-10R-125        4200-10500      230V/50Hz             M14                       125mm
UWK-10R-125        4200-10500      120V/60Hz             M14                       125mm
UWK-10R-150        4200-10500      230V/50Hz             M14                       150mm
UWK-10R-150        4200-10500      120V/60Hz             M14                       150mm
  • Used with cutting and grinding wheels.
  • With the help of backing pads fiber discs can be used.
  • Can be used with T27-flat or T29-convex flap discs.
  • Descaling with cup wire brushes 79mm diameter.
  • Increased safety for the user thanks to thermal protection and smooth start.
  • Digital electronics ensures constant working speed.
  • Undervoltage protection.
  • Outgoing air guided past user 45°.
  • Suhner power tools are intelligent power-packs in small format.
  • Protective cover quick and easy to adjust without tools.
2.800 gr