Abrasive Velcro Disc

.Close / Open Coating
.Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide or Structured mineral grains
.Available in A,C,E,D,F weight paper and film backing.
.Available without hole and with different number of holes
.Grains from P60 to P2500
.Used for mainly fine and very fine sanding
.Works with all metals and wood application
.Common for car body repairing , yatches and furniture applications
.Optimum Cut Rate Performance 
.Longer Life than conventional types
.Advantage in price/performance
Easy to change
Diameter mm                   inch                                Pcs in a box 
.115                              4-1/2''x7/8''                                50
.125                                  5''x7/8''                                    50         
.180                                   7''x7/8''                                   50