Nonwoven Flap Disc

.Nylon 6.6. Fibers with Abrasive Grains
.Available in Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide Grains
.Coarse,Medium,Fine and Veryfine grits
.Available in Soft and Hard form
.Dry Sanding
.Used for surface conditioning and hairline finish
.Works very well on Stainless Steel and can be used for other metals
.Longer Life than conventional type
.Constant Finish untill the end
Diameter         -              Width  - Shaft inch                       Pcs in a box 
.115x22 mm                              4-1/2''x7/8''                               15
.125x22 mm                                  5''x7/8''                                    15         
.180x22 mm                                   7''x7/8''                                   15