1984 First ideas planted

After having worked 2 years in a production plant as mechanical engineer, Mr. Sentürk realised his company is importing too much flap wheels for very high prices. He started to look for ways to produce flap wheel in his home and kitchen.

1987 Foundation

With promising results in first trials of flap wheel production. In 1987, Mr. Sentürk started his first atelier with 2 employees, very close to his home. His first focus was kitchenware manufacturers, which by this time, were also a rapidly growing sector for Turkey.

1993 Grow by innovation-

After few years, Podim Abrasive was able to dominate all kitchenware market in Turkey. What is more, Mr Sentürk has developed and patented a product which was able to work until very end of the cooking pot thanks to full core center instead of lamellar. Thus, flap wheel sales increased dramatically.

1996 Complete range of coated abrasives

After 9 successful years, Podim abrasives completed the range of coated abrasives such as; flap disc, flap wheel with shaft, abrasive and non-woven belts. Still we carry the pride to have one of the first prototype of BIKO shafted wheel producing machine, which is still in our facility for demonstrating purposes. Please note that our founder had 13 approved patented designs or products by this time…

1998 New Factory Building

Upon completing full product range, production could not keep up with demand. Thus, new machinery and space were needed. We moved to our new factory building which is in Nilüfer Industrial zone, Bursa, Turkey.

2004 Huge Factory Fire

Very sad event took place in 2004, there was a huge fire in our factory that took 1 complete week to put out. Thank goodness, nobody got harmed from our colleagues. And Podim Abrasives continued production after one month later thanks to fast deliveries from our suppliers.

2006 New Factory Building for over 9.000 sqm

Thanks to rapidly growing sales worldwide, less than ten years, we needed more space. We moved to a new building which is in the same Industrial zone but has double space for new machinery.

2007 The loss of the founder and change of management

This year was a mourning year for us since the founder of our company has passed away in a very young age (51). The wife, Ms. Sentürk who got her education over pharmacy in Germany, took over the business. Beside her education and experience
was truly over some other field, Ms Sentürk showed some incredible success and devotion to the company.

2016 New Production plant in Istanbul

After fated change of management, Podim Abrasive was able to keep up with its prosper business for following years. We opened a new production plant and warehouse in Istanbul. The new company specialises in quick change disc, narrow belt and sponge abrasive conversion.

2018 Big investment on Flap wheel with shaft automation

We are proud to announce our big investment for flap wheel with shaft product. Now we are a global player with 4 different automated lines. We believe we have the highest output in this product group after Klingspor for Europe and Middle East.
Combined with good quality and fast service. Podim became premium supplier for many global well-known brands.

2019 New dealership program

Not it is time to share our experience and knowledge throughout our partners and friends all over the world. This year we started our new dealership program.